Affirm and Demonstrate…

As you begin to experience the power of your words, you can expand this power for Good by affirming Good for other people too. Often your affirmations of Good for another person can turn the tide in their life. Especially when their need seems great, do not be afraid to speak bold words of affirmation to them directly. 

Say things like:

  • You will be fine.
  • Everything is okay.
  • You are just fine the way you are.
  • Of course you can do it.
  • I know you can do it.
  • I have complete faith in you.
  • I predict complete success for you in this venture.
  • I admire your talents and ability.
  • You are strong and healthy.
  • You look so much better today.
  • Thank you for the inspiration you’ve given me.
  • I really appreciate your help.

Such words can make all the difference to the people around you, whether they be troublesome acquaintances, good friends, co-workers, family members, children, or lovers. 

/Barbara Berger “Fast food for the soul”/

Have a fantastic day and remember – 

“The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer somebody else up”
 /Mark Twain/