Just for today… expect the best

The second Reiki principle is Just for today do not worry.

When I started to practice Reiki, my teacher introduced me with the positive affirmation of this principle : Just for today … expect the best

Each of us is constantly worry about something, very often we  wake up with the worries  in our hearts and so we spend all day in this state.

The Reiki second principle teach us to trust the energy and wait for new day with a positive mind.

We don’t need worry about past, it is useless – the past cannot be reversed.

If you regret, what you did in the past, then accept you actions as experience, forgive yourself and let the situation go.

Neither worry about the future!

If we are constantly thinking about the future and worrying about that, we are not living in present. Today we are thinking about how we will live tomorrow, tomorrow we will again think about next day and so on we don’t live in the present and the life is passing us by.

Don’t worry about past and future, if you do then you block your energy, which you can use to fulfill your life plans.

Live today, here and now and if you  expect  the best, your life will become better and better.

You will gradually grow in confidence that everything will be fine.

And if you suddenly find yourself in a situation that you think doesn’t fit in  the frame “fine”, then realize that this is just your “frame”  and this situation gives you great opportunity to learn from a new experience.

Just for today … expect the best