Little Acts of Self-Care…

When was the last time you made an appointment with yourself? Or marked out a section in your diary to do something you wanted to do, rather than something you were required to do? Many of us lead such on-the – go lives that we our own needs and desires to one side, for the benefit of everyone else.
This can be ok for while, but sooner or later cracks will appear. And, left untended, those cracks can become deep cavities that seep into your physical and mental health, eating away at your happiness and potential.
Self-care really is as simple as it sounds: It’s about listening to, and meeting, the needs of your body, mind and spirit. But while it sounds ridiculously obvious, self-care can be surprisingly ¬†difficult to put into practice.
There is a worrying misconception that self-care is selfish. It’s not! However strong, selfless or stoical you are, if you don’t take care of yourself you won’t be able to take care of anyone else. And you won’t be at your best when it comes to work, home and relationships. Ultimately, you’ll end up burnt out and exhausted.
In next posts I will share why self-care is so important and how to make it part of your lifestyle. It will help to dispel the negative thoughts that create a roadblock to well-being, by reassuring you that you are never too busy, or too unworthy, to make self-care a priority.
You’ll discover all sorts of ways to be kind to yourself, from the momentary to the life-changing, the once-a-day to the one-off, whatever your budget or situation.
So stop feeling guilty and start looking after yourself – and yes, that includes doing things you enjoy!!!!
Because self-care matters as much as you do!!!

/Inspired by R Dickinson’s ” Little Acts of Self-care”/