Positive affirmations for every area of your life…

A little time ago I was telling you about the world-famous mantra, created by the French physician Emile Coué: Every day in every way I am getting better and better.
You can use this mantra in every situation of life.
You can also develop positive affirmations for every area of your life. Start with those areas in your life that are most pressing and begin affirming the positive outcome you want experience. Always affirm in the present tense. It doesn’t matter if your affirmations are not yet true (have not yet manifested in the outer world). By affirming positive outcomes, you create them, first in your subconscious mind and in the universal mind, then in the outer world. Your words and your belief in your decrees make them manifest on the physical plane.
Be Specific – not only should you change your affirmations to meet your evolving needs, you should not hesitate to be specific in your affirmations.
For health problems, you can create your own specific affirmations to meet specific needs or use general affirmations such as the examples below for health and healing:
  • “My body is strong and healthy. Every day, new life, strength and vitality are flowing to every atom, cell and organ of my body. Every day in every way I am getting better and better and better.”
  • “I love my body and give thanks for its perfect functioning. Every cell and atom of my body now radiate vibrant health and vitality.”
  • “I give thanks for ever-increasing health, strength, and vitality. I am enjoying radiant good health now.”
/Barbara Berger “Fast food for the soul”/

Affirm and be healthy!