The foundation of self-care…

Self-care starts with acknowledging the way we speak too ourselves, and learning to silence our inner critic. You know – the one tells you you’re too selfish or shy, or whispers that you’re not sassy or attractive, or clever or witty enough. DON’T LISTEN!!!
Many of us are all too quick to judge ourselves and put ourselves down. we tell ourselves we’re not up to the job, we don’t look right, we don’t fit in, we’re not capable. But what if friend said that about themselves? he chances are you would contradict them, help them to see their strengths, rather than their weaknesses. What would you tell them? Now try say the same to yourself. FROM NOW ON, every time that inner critic appears and you start to doubt yourself, talk to yourself as if you were speaking to a friend, with the same voice of encouragement and reassurance and love. 

/Inspired by R Dickinson’s ” Little Acts of Self-care”/