What is Reiki?

“I believe there exists One Supreme Being – the Absolute Infinite – a dynamic force that governs the world and the universe. I shall call it Reiki.”

/Hawayo Takata/

Reiki is a Japanese natural system of hands-on healing and in translation means “universal life force energy” which always works for the greater good.

It is a natural and simple healing method which allows you to absorb more energy through calming the mind and raising your life force. During the session, the whole body will be treated to help balance, harmonise and heal. It is a holistic way of treating the body on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Reiki is carried out fully clothed with just the removal of footwear.

During periods of stress, tension or illness, our energy can deplete and become restricted or blocked causing imbalance and affecting our wellbeing. Reiki helps to unblock the channels so energy can flow unimpeded through our bodies, to encourage good health and inner harmony.

The process of healing is activated upon gently placing the healer’s hands on or just above the body. Energy is automatically drawn to wherever it is most needed in the body, which is not always where a physical symptom is located; the healing may need to work on another level first, for example on a emotional blockage. Once this blockage is dissolved, harmony and health may return to the body.

You do not need to be unwell to receive a treatment. Reiki is beneficial at any time and promotes deep relaxation; inner peace; tranquillity; higher energy levels and strengthens the immune system. After a session, clients are often deeply relaxed and report excellent quality of sleep.

A lot of people lead busy and stressful lives, and Reiki is a great way of allowing you to let go and escape from the worries and pressures of everyday life. This enables you to create your own personal sacred healing space where you can truly be at one with yourself.

Reiki is a desire and skill to live today, here and now, able to accept and love ourselves and others for who we are.